LMB is an organization run by veterans of the staffing and consulting industry. Our management team, sales professionals and recruiting staff all work together in a seamless process to insure that our clients receive the best possible return on their human capital investments.

Through a refined process of proven methodologies, we are able to quick and accurately access your needs and fulfill them in a timely fashion.

All of out personnel are thoroughly trained and certified in all aspects of employment laws. After an intense training and studying process covering all aspects of employment laws, discrimination and best practices, a three hour exam is given for certification. In order to remain a certified CPC or CTS, one must continue the curriculum with additional studying and testing every year.

These certifications which are administered by the “National Association of Personnel Services” are another example of LMB’s dedication to their clients and their ultimate satisfaction. More information on these certifications can be found on NAPS website: http://www.napsweb.org/EduCert/index.cfm